Completion of two Parking Garages

In December 2020, two new parking garages were completed for one of the funds managed by Amsterdam-based Orange Investment Managers.

The parking garage in The Hague on the Escamplaan has been realized for visitors to the hospital and the surrounding houses. The new garage is part of ‘De Schoone Ley’, a redevelopment of the area around the hospital. This relates to 600 homes and various facilities. The parking garage offers space for ca 840 vehicles spread over two parking decks and is rented and operated by APCOA PARKING Nederland B.V.

On the former Phillips business park in Eindhoven, Strijp-S, the new parking garage ‘Langs het Spoor’ offers the necessary parking capacity to this special redevelopment offer. This six-storey built parking facility offers space for ca 570 cars as well as some parking spaces and storage rooms for residents of the adjacent new building. The parking garage is rented and operated by Mobility-S, the operator for the entire area with regard to parking and mobility.

Orange Investment Managers thanks Heijmans Vastgoed en Stam &De Koning for the pleasant cooperation to the realization of the completed work and its advisors RPS and PVM for their expertise during construction.

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