Investment criteria

For our various clients we continuously seek for new investment opportunities that meet the following investment criteria:


- Multi Storey & Underground public car parks

- Parking lots

- Existing and newly built car parks

- ESPA / EPA / Park Mark award preferred

Investment volume:

- Minimum individual investment: € 5 million

- Maximum individual investment: € 75 million


- Good covenant strengths and/or healthy rent/turnover ratio

- Highly professional and operational standards


- Operational leases

- Management contracts

- When mixed-use assets, at least 70% of rent should come from car parking


- All investments will meet good and sustainable technical standards

- BREEAM certificate when available in due course

- If possible, the fund will invest in sustainable and environmental friendly solutions


- Freeholds

- Long lease holds

- Concessions


- Multi function (i.e. city centres)

- Mono function (i.e. hospitals, infrastructure hubs and airports)

- Core target region (70%): Germany, Benelux, Nordics, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Ireland and the United Kingdom